• 1st Monday of the month

  • This is a FREE event
  • 10.30am

Join us here at the Bundoora Hotel on the first Monday of each month for our very popular FREE "Morning Melodies"

Monday 3rd April - Tony Diamond (Neil Diamond)
Monday 1st May - Derrick Jay (Cabaret)
Monday 5th June - Col Perkins (Rock Legends)
Monday 3rd July - Gabrielle Parbo (Xmas in July Show)
Monday 7th August - Les Salisbury (Country Variety)
Monday 4th September - Rick Charles (Rockin Rick Charles)
Monday 2nd October - Nikki Nichols (Gidgets Jukebox)
Monday 6th November - Rene Diaz (Country)
Monday 4th December - Brian Muldoon (Xmas Show)